araiakino LIVE 2015 "Planet Piano Tour"

LIVE TOUR 2014 "Little Piano vol.5"

Live2013 Alpha Centauri

Live2012 Purple Planet

Live2011 White Planet

Christmas Special Live "Sounds of Aurora"

Stage Video Direction

-Little Piano Tour vol.6

-araiakino LIVE 2015 "Planet Piano Tour"

-弾き語りLIVE TOUR 2014 "Luttle Piano vol.5"

-Live2013 "アルファケンタウリ"
-弾き語りLIVE(world)TOUR 2013 "Little Piano vol.4"

-Live2012 "Purple Planet"(2012.7.29/8.5)
-弾き語りLIVE TOUR 2012 "Little Piano vol.3"

-Live2011 "White Planet"(2011.12.10/11)
-弾き語り LIVE TOUR 2011 "Little Piano vol.2"

-Christmas Special Live
  "The Sounds of Aurora"(2010.12.24/25)
-"Little Piano Tour"(2010)


-Live MessangerSイベント(2008.4.7)

-Early in Spring(2007.3.2)
-The Sweetest Winter(2007.1.4)

-The first Euro tour / パリ公演(2006.3.26)
-The first Euro tour / ベルリン公演(2006.3.26)
-Cosmo Incognita(2006.1.29)

-Happiness is Here(2005.12.23/24)
-sora no uta(2005.5.20/6.3/5/19)